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On Friday, August 3, ACORN will experience a high volume of enrolments and the system may perform more slowly. You will also be restricted from accessing some ACORN functions while the system is in Peak Load Mode. If you are enrolling on this day, please be patient and only press “enrol” once – your request will be completed and you will receive a confirmation. Enrolment questions? Contact your registrar and check out ACORN Help for tips.
Please note, if you are an Arts & Science student, ACORN will not be accessible on Friday, August 3 from 12 AM (EST) until your enrolment time that day. The system will be available for all other students.
On February 15, ACORN became U of T’s single student web service, replacing ROSI-SWS. ROSI-SWS will become “ROSI Alumni Transcripts” with reduced functionality to facilitate transcript requests and PIN resets. Since w88Việt nam ACORN requires UTORid credentials to log in, please w88Việt nam activate and manage your UTORid.
Scheduled Downtime
Monday 3:00am - 6:00am

Occasionally, we may have to take services down outside of scheduled downtime hours for technical reasons.
Important Notes About ACORN